Travis, Heather, Piper, Cash.

Travis, Heather, Piper, Cash.


When California comes to Sheridan…

It’s only natural that Travis & Heather met working in a restaurant: She was a server & he worked his way up from dishwasher to Sous Chef.

Travis paved his way through the culinary world—studying under some of the great names in the Bay Area, but he always aspired to use his creativity and innovation for his own creations.

Heather went the professional route- moving to a new city & working as a Speech Pathologist.

As fate would have it, Travis & Heather found each other again and decided on a future together.

There was a wedding in the Big Horn Mountains, two precious kids, and a big move for their family back to the heartland - Sheridan, WY.

Together, they take what comes in stride & when the opportunity presented itself for them to launch their dream of opening their own restaurant- they took it.

The rest is culinary history…Taste & See!